Thursday, 28 July 2011

Typical Eats Day 5

Sunday lunch this summer, but I forgot my camera on Sunday! :)
Hi There!
Wow - what a busy Monday. I had meetings all morning at work, which meant I had to do twice as much work in the afternoon. The day definitely went faster but I am sooooo pooped now. Plus I spent all lunch time scrutinising make-up websites to pick my bridal look. FYI an hour of research later, my definitive description of the look I want is;
'Light foundation with a natural look and glossy light pink lips'.
Requested like a pro... ;)
(Oh and before you think I sound too industrious I should probably confess something. After my super productive day I may or may not have gone to the pub below my work - yes, there is a pub below my work!!! - and broken my 2011 teetotalism over a gin and tonic. My body, it seems, is ready to forgive alcohol).
The upshot of this is that the first part of my food history (diet history?) will be going up tomorrow, but I did want to do a quick recap of my Day 5 eats (yesterday!) before I totally forget what I even ate.
Okay, here goes...
Breakfast; 2 pieces of St Johns Bakery bread with organic butter and Raspberry Jam
Louis and I ate breakfast together at the table with cups of tea and the papers - total bliss! Although I try to not go too bread crazy during the week - apart from sprouted - you can't beat hot toast with fresh butter and tea as a weekend treat. Especially really thickly sliced with lots of salty butter and posh jam. Louis and I were laughing at how almost retro we felt eating toast, butter and jam and enjoying it so much; I think maybe we have been overdoing the Agatha Christie mysteries a bit. But seriously, old style English Breakfasts are so good - if the bread and butter are fresh, there are no bacon or sausages needed!
It's stopping yourself at 2 pieces which is the challenge really ;)
Pre-run; Coffee!!!
A couple of hours after that veritable carb fest I forced myself up from the sofa and out for a run. I convinced myself that all those quick release carbs were just dying to give me energy and actually had a pretty good workout.
Okay I had a 20 minute run and did 40 sit-ups. I enjoyed myself though!
Pre Lunch; 1 large glass of Raw Buffalo Milk .. and 1 Apple eaten on the go...
Afterwards I dashed home to get changed to go to the pub for lunch. I knew I would be way too starving, and maybe start to get a teeny bit cranky, if I didn't eat a little something first. However, I also didn't want to eat two lunches so I used my new favorite trick of having a glass of milk post run. Seriously milk is the best post workout food ever - it stops your blood sugar from dipping, fills you up and I have really noticed how much more quickly I build muscle when I drink milk afterwards. As a strategy I couldn't recommend it more - particularly when the milk is raw and therefore that much more digestible. I also imagine this strategy to be particularly useful to anyone prone to hypoglycemia.
Lunch; FIsh and Chips - in this amazing pub! - with a virgin Bloody Mary. The Fish and Chips came with lots of mushy peas and tartare sauce.
Not the most nutritious option the menu, but exactly what I wanted. I got there so late the kitchen was just about to shut and I had to decide what I wanted in two seconds flat. Although I didn't make the most nutrition orientated choice as a result, it did mean I ended up with exactly what I was immediately drawn towards. Which is a good thing to do, for your Sunday lunch. :)
Dinner; Crudite of carrots and celery, with one organic sausage and some mustard. More Frozen Yogurt with Blueberries and a handful of walnuts..
I wasn't really that hungry after my 4pm lunch... especially one of gastro-pub proportions. However, we just couldn't resist making more frozen yogurt. IT.IS.THE.BEST.THING.EVER. Full fat organic greek yogurt is also so widely available and costs about £1.50 a container. It's not raw, which would be too perfect, but it's a whole unprocessed food. This time we only added 1 TBSP of maple syrup to the whole container, and it still tasted like a decadent homemade dessert. After two years of paying about £5 for a frozen yogurt from gourmet stores having this luxury at our fingertips is pulling us into a major honeymoon period.
To clarify, we are having a honeymoon period with the ice cream maker itself - not one another ;).  We cant stop thinking about making frozen yogurt, talking about it, doing it, and wondering how we ever survived before it came along... Right now we can't imagine this feeling will ever end.
The crudite I ate just because I felt a little under veg'd, and the sausage I pinched from Louis, who made a sandwich out of them. After all of that, right before bed, I had another apple and the last spoon of double cream from the fridge.
So that was Sunday, and the final day of my food logging. Initially it doesn't look too perfect a day in terms of pretty minimal vegetables, not that balanced a breakfast and a big plate of fried food half way through the afternoon.
However, sometimes a girl just needs fish and chips. Sometimes a girl just orders them without even realising it's happening...
Also, it does really sum up how I now try to eat at the weekends. This means eating for pleasure, but eating good quality foods, homemade or caringly cooked wherever possible. I still try to still get at least five fruit and vegetables at the weekend (during the week I try for eight to ten!), and I always make sure I get a good amount of protein. I refuse to skip dinner now, even when I've had a larger lunch - I just have smaller portions in the evening. With my carb heavy breakfast, I aimed for a high protein dinner, and a more balanced lunch.
Phew - so thats that! 
Until tomorrow! xox

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