Thursday, 28 July 2011

Typical Eats Day 4

Hi There!
I hope everybody (anybody?) has had an awesome Saturday. Ours has been really lovely and I think I could actually get really into this whole non-drinking thing. Seriously - I had a carrot juice with dinner and it was really tasty. Who knew?!
Anyway, before I post properly I want to apologise for the somewhat erratic tone this blog has had so far. I'm completely new to this whole blogging thing and, although I love to write, slipping into a style is taking some getting used to. I was just reading back on some previous posts and they sound so all over the place... I'm really embarassed! I'm going to try really hard to take better care from now on; to think about what I write and to not post things in a rush. If you are reading still thanks soooo much for giving me another chance... having re-read those posts I seriously appreciate it!
I'm not actually an incognito 9 year old completing a 'what I ate this weekend' writing assignment... I swear.
Anyway to try to compensate for all the 'bits and bobs' postings of the past week, I do have what I really hope is quite a thoughtful post in the making. In the About pages I gave a brief summary of the mistakes I've made with dieting in the past, and how eating in a new style has helped me to overcome these and to enjoy food properly again. I wasn't, however, very explicit, and I really want to change this. I am hoping to post this longer piece tommorrow - today was the intended date of publication but I spent a bit too long hanging out on the sofa, relishing my cream doughnut and reading 'Eat, Pray, Love'.
It IS Saturday though.
Anyhoots, because of all this planning regarding tomorrows piece todays post is going to be so short. Sorry!
On the upside, I got properly back on my normal eating style. I therefore feel happy that my choices reflect the way I feel best eating - not just my Nanas cookie addiction.
Pre-Breakfast; Coffee!!!! With cream and maple syrup from our new bottle.
I then went for a speedy 20 minute run, during the 30 minutes of daylight we saw just before midday...
Breakfast; Cream Doughnut!!! Fresh from the bakery - AT LAST! With a cup of raw buffalo milk and an apple.
Lunch; Red Cabbage, celery, carrot and red onion salad with dressing made with peanut butter, soy sauce and rice vinegar.
After the amazing breakfast, lunch was definitely pretty lame, and with not nearly enough protein. I thought we had lots of eggs left at home, but turned out we didn't so I made this kind of 'desperate measures' peanut dressing. Blah.
Dinner; Vegetable Pad Thai and Carrot juice, followed a bit of dark chocolate and herbal tea.
Carrot juice was amazing but dinner was gross! I ate out because I was meeting one of my besties for a catch up meal. It was a GREAT meal, because I was so happy to see her but the pad thai was rank. Cheap Thai food can either be the best thing ever, or the worst. This was totally the latter. Not sure how they slammed it so well with the carrot juice..?!
One thing that is worth mentioning though is that I always try to get a veggie option when I eat in cheap restaurants. Previously I would always go for the chicken, thinking it was the only thing that would fill me up. However, the more I read about the hormones they pump into them, the less willing I am to do that. You don't need huge amounts of protein at every meal - and the conditions under which chickens (in particular) are kept are just upsetting. I now try to always order veggie and just eat slowly and mindfully, in order to ensure I feel full.
Or just have a snack when I get home :).
On that note, Im going to finish my apple and peanut butter but will be back with afore mentioned post tomorrow (fingers crossed!). G'nite! xox

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