Thursday, 28 July 2011

Day 3 Typical Eats

SO turns out food posting is a lot more intensive work than I imagined - but in a fun way. Plus, I like to think it has made me a bit more responsible with my choices the past couple of days! Especially with last nights super inventive AND responsible sardine and hummus choice.
Moving right along...
Pre-Breakfast - Coffee with cream + 2 Dates.
I went to the gym before work, but was running super late so did a grand total of 10 minutes on the step machine. It was so embarassing entering and leaving (post shower) within 30 minutes!
I made up for it tonight though... smug! :)
Breakfast - 3 pieces of Sprouted Bread with butter (!!!) and bit of strawberry jam.
Yay butter - Ive missed it. I'm also always impressed at how long buttered things keep me full for. I always figured because ti doesnt have protein it was a sort of irrelevant addition satiety wise. Massively incorrect - And Mmmmm it tastes so goood!
Oh I also had big organic apple on the side!
Lunch - 3 pieces of sprouted bread (I finished the loaf in 2 days!) with Peanut Butter and Cucumber as per yesterday.
Okay, as much as I love butter maybe I love peanut butter more. Tough call.
I was SO FULL all afternoon from mammoth amounts of sprouted bread - but in a good way... I think.... 'Grounded'.
Incidentally, you have no idea how many comments I get about sprouted bread at my work. People act like I am eating a new-born sheep at my desk.
'What is thaaaaaat???'.
Only the best thing ever.
A complete post about sprouted bread and why it's so super healthy is coming up soon I promise! It seriously seems to be the one grain that doesn't make me mentally lethargic at all - yay!
(Not that its the only grain I eat obviously ! But if I was being super responsible sprouted bread, and a bit of brown rice, might be...seriously!)
Post work I was feeling a bit blue (S.A.D?) and in kind of a funk. This is super unlike me, but I blame the heavy NYE and the total lack of sun over here! Even daylight hours seem dark. I have no idea what gives, but I know I dont like it!
Louis and I also made the definite decision to have a super healthy night in tonight. I still cant even think about a glass of wine. Seriously, who am I?
Anyways, on my way home I decided some exercise might cheer me up, especially after this mornings humungously lame-o non-event at the gym. I got myself an espresso (best gym motivator EVER) went to the gym, got changed, decided I couldnt be bothered, forced myself to do 20 minutes on the step machine and felt WORLDS better. I need to remember how important exercise is for mental well being. ALWAYS.
Im currently chilling out on the sofa with Louis, after a delicious dinner that consisted of Winter Salad with red cabbage, carrots, celery, red onion and about 150g Tempeh. We split a massive package of Tempeh topped with soy sauce, sesame oil and balsamic vinegar. TOO GOOD - and super filling from all the protein!
It's been a pretty heavy week soy wise, so I'll definitely lay off for the next couple of weeks. BUT I've felt Ive needed some light protein after the heavy Christmas.
Besides Tempeh is fermented, which is always good news. I prefer it to tofu now as well.. chewier!
(Edited to add; not everybody feels this way! The fiancee informed me, grateful as ever for my cooking ventures :), that were he to give tofu a 10 (which he wouldn't) he would give Tempeh a 5. Well, meh.)
We're about to watch a Inception (which I've heard is pretty hard to follow at the best of times!) so I'm going to keep this post pretty short. However, we cant actually watch the movie yet cos the Ice Cream maker (!!!!!!) is going too loud - yipppeee!
I'm still not quite back on the heavy stuff, but we are making frozen yogurt with full fat organic greek yogurt, using this recipe. Slight adaptation because I used maple syrup and only used a few tablespoons for our entire pot of greek yogurt! I told Louis I followed the recipe exactly - he never trusts me to add enough sugar! - so we'll have to see what happens - whether he notcies - ha haaaa!
I cant wait to try it and will post about it tomorrow. If his recipe is anything as good as 'The Perfect Scoop' coffee ice cream one it should be AWESOME!
G'night xox
Edited to add; We ate the Fro Yo and we are in LOVE! We just ate a whole giant tub between us in about 4 minutes - although, in our defence the yogurt seems to condense when it becomes ice cream...
Louis prefers it to proper ice cream (me too!) - although he added a bit more maple syrup -  and we had it with strawberries. My new favorite thing in the world - can't believe it has hardly ANY sugar! I think it might taste even better with a few scoops of raw cream stirred in.... and maybe some chocolate chips!
Will add pictures tomorrow- Louis phone is being funky!

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