Thursday, 28 July 2011

Love One Another And You Will be Happy - Its as Simple And As Difficult As That...

Hi Guys!
I literally cant even begin to explain how sorry I am for being such a rubbish poster these past few days - I am in the midst of wedding chaos panic and so, despite waking up at 6.30 and going to bed at past midnight I still don't seem to have time to write a post... or even to update my Twitter.
Am I forgivable?
Pleaaaaase say yes and dont leave permanently!
Basically I get married next Thursday and then am off on a Honeymoon (which has yet to be booked!!) the Tuesday afterwards. We have tried to do a wedding as economically and also homely as possible - which I know will be AMAZING but means there is still an awful lot left to organise.
We are having a semi-destination wedding in that we are getting married in the English countryside and staying there until we go on Honeymoon.  Our Honeymoon intentions are Thailand and Laos or Vietnam but - as is probably obvious - we haven't actually formally booked our flights yet. Oh Lordy.
SO suffice to say I think I am going to have to take a little bloggy break and re-pick up when I return from Honeymoon. If I do have any time to post between then I totally will but, as Im guessing you've worked out, Im a tad frantic at the moment.
Also, entirely aside from the time problemos, I literally dont seem to be able to think of anything apart from wedding dramas. Therefore trying to think of interesting things to write posts about has been a challenge. I have these great ideas and then suddenly I'm like 'Oh no - we forgot to find out how to work the video camera' - and I'm off again! For any of you who want to marry but havent yet - I cant tell you what a treat you have in store... :) - For any of you who are already married, I hope you know what I mean. We have guests coming from around the world and I seem to spend most of my day emailing them details. When I'm not at work. Or doing my nutrition degree.
Anyway I do LOVE being busy and I also LOVE LOVE this blog. I honestly cant wait to re-pick it up again when Im back from Honeymoon and Im actually REALLY upset that I feel I have to stop for now. Anyway Im back on the 25th of February so please do check back in then. Im taking my journal with me on Honeymoon and I also look forward to doing lots of recaps and pictures when I return.
Please please do come back - its been so totally awesome getting to know you guys and I hope you ALL have an amazing couple of weeks - really hope to catch up with you all straight afterwards!
All my love! Emmy xox

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