Thursday, 28 July 2011

Day 2 Typical Eats

Hi hi! Sorry to start another post with my 'wanna-be-arty' coffee shots. I dont get my new camera phone til tomorrow, so for now Im reliant on the fiancee  being with me get any photos of my food.
The fiancee is NOT an up and around at 7am person, so I've been reduced to using his old shots of our coffee maker to start these posts - he's a good camera-man though, no? :)
Breakfast – 1 date, 1 cup of coffee with spoonful of double cream, 1 glass of Soy Milk (nearly finished carton now!), 1 Nanas Cookie.
I had the date and coffee because I was intending to go to the gym afterwards, and before my more substantial breakfast. Sadly my motivation had other ideas! It actually worked out fine though because I started doing some final bits of homework for my course and got carried away with that – an entirely reputable distraction! Plus, my arms hurt from yesterday - so technically I was just ‘listening to my body’ anyways….
I also got distracted by what is thankfully the last Nanas cookie in the house. I feel kind of bad with these postings, because they don’t actually reflect my typical Weston Price Foundation diet as well as I had hoped. I don’t eat this many packaged cookies normally, I swear! However, the Nanas Cookie thing is kind of interesting to me. Although I know the grains they use aren’t soaked – and they are definitely very heavy on the carby side – I always feel SO GOOD after eating them. Seriously – not just happy .... good! And, if I pair them with some kind of milk or protein source, they keep me pretty full for a while too. I have a lot of faith that the company take quite a lot of care with their products because most processed foods do leave me feeling a bit ‘blah’. As far as indulgences go I’m definitely happy!
Pre Lunch – Large Chai Tea Latte with full fat milk from coffee store that I know does organic (although sadly not un-homongenised!) milk!
Way high in sugar and not a normal part of my diet …. but I was out shopping and desperate for something hot with a bit of energy! I LOVE Chai Tea Lattes so much. Fortunately for my guilt and my health, I only have them like four times a year because they are just SO expensive. This one was better than Starbucks as well – definitely less sweet and using organic milk. I piled on the cinnamon to try to rescue my blood sugar levels - exactly what I needed!
Having it with full fat milk is also such an improvement taste wise, as well as with regards to health. Creeeeeeeeeamy!
Lunch – 2 pieces of Sprouted Bread with 2 big slabs of all natural peanut butter and cucumber chopped on top. Dressed with Balsamic Vinegar and salt, and served with carrot and giant chopped apple!
Finally getting a bit more Weston Price Foundation! Sprouted Bread is like my love child and the first thing I ate that convinced me to start reading a bit about the Weston Price Foundation (about three years ago – a while before I started putting the principles into practice). Sunnyvale Sprouted Bread is made from wheatberries that have been soaked, allowed to sprout and ground. They are then super slow baked in a low set oven, without yeast or any other additives. It’s designed to mimic the style in which bread was made when it was first ‘invented’.
It looks super weird – basically like a brick. However, it is literally the best bread ever in my mind – if you toast it tastes like its been freshly baked! The best part is how filling it is though –massively sustaining in a really long term way that I don’t usually find bread to be. I hate to be a total weirdo but I feel very ‘calm and grounded’ after eating it.
One word of warning though – this bread is dense, and nutty doesn’t even begin to cover it! Its sweeter and chewier than rye bread – and in my mind lots more palatable BUT I wouldn’t serve it to someone who isn’t used to whole-grains. Louis makes weird barfing noises whenever I even mention it – and he quite likes rye and other heavy breads. It appears to be a matter of taste!
I also LOVE serving cucumber and vinegar on peanut butter sandwiches – it tastes like satay! Vinegar is also great for you and can help slow down digestions of carbohydrates so they keep you fuller for longer and don’t impact your blood sugar as much!
Snack – Several cups of herbal tea and a large apple with giant slab of peanut butter.
Super boring snack, but nice and sustaining and I am POOR at the moment!
Dinner – A package of kale (my favorite vegetable!) steamed and dressed in this dressing. Atop of this kale, I mixed a tin of sardines with two mini pots of caramelised onion hummus and some chopped red onion. I served it with lots of black pepper and some carrots, plus a spoonful more dressing on top of the sardines! 2 dates for pudding!
This was probably the most super random, and maybe even gross sounding, meal ever. It was actually born out of total desperation, because I met my friend earlier and we ended up hanging out for waaay longer than I meant to. Our cupboards are bare at the moment ,so I was stuck with late night Tesco for my supermarket option. I really nearly got a lasagne ready meal, or some boxed soup, but then I looked at the label and saw both had 14g of sugar! In a savoury meal. Gross.
SO I did the responsible thing and assembled a meal myself. I grabbed the sardines so I would have some protein, got the kale for quick cooking vegetables... and the hummus was a bit of a random, mainly bought so I would have something to snack on whilst my kale steamed. SUCH a good choice though! It made the sardines taste awesome and my meal (aside from a bit of processed oil in the hummus) was actually super healthy! And filling! AND cheap!
I will so be repeating this meal and would definitely recommend you try it out if you ever find yourself faced with crap food options. Sardines and hummus are SO widely available and sardines are about a billion times better for you than tuna.
Phew – recording food is time consuming! I had a post I really wanted to write with more about sprouted bread - and lunch in general – but I think it might need to wait until I am done journaling! I am also going to aim to get a bit more back on schedule food wise tomorrow and make some better recommendations - as opposed to those born out of necessity like tonight. Now though, is for sleeping - G'nite! xox

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